Do you want to feel in control of your life?

Is it time to become the person you know you’re capable of being?

Do you want to wake up feeling energized and excited about your day?

Are you tired of having to find out everything by yourself?

We are here to help guide you.

Personal Coaching

We’re all about changing your inner world so that you can transform your outer life. We believe that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. So by transforming yourself, you will transform your life.

Our coaching program is a personal approach that is specifically designed to help you overcome the inner blockages that are holding your back in life.

We won’t say what you should or should not do. For us, it’s about listening and guiding you in finding your own way.

Our main goal is to help you improve your personal freedom so that you open yourself to new opportunities and possibilities for your situation. We’ll teach you how to tap into your inner powers and create lasting change.

What we can help you with

We have knowledge and expertise in the following areas in which we can assist you:

  • How to manage stress and emotions better
  • Learning to live more in the present moment
  • Cultivating more self-love and increasing confidence
  • Forming positive habits that empower you
  • Meditation and visualization exercises
  • Becoming more focused and productive
  • Conquering fears and reducing anxiety
  • Going from a getting to a giving mindset
  • Switching to a higher vibration in life
  • The spiritual laws that govern this reality
  • Healthy habits and improving your health
  • Changing your model of reality and destroying limiting beliefs
  • Going from ‘being the at effect’ to ‘being a the cause’
  • Goal setting and taking massive action
  • Reprogramming your mind and conditioning a positive psychology
  • Becoming more aware and in tune with the power inside you
  • Creating a positive emotional ecosystem
  • How to manage your energy better
  • Finding your passion and living it

And much more..

Free 30 minute Skype coaching

We provide a free 30 minute coaching session through Skype. During this coaching session, we’ll answer any questions you have related to improving your mind, body and spirit.

The idea is to identify 2 key problems you have and find out how you can solve them. The focus is on simple and effective techniques that you can implement in your life straight away.

We’ll come up with homework exercises to implement the lessons. That way you can work on the insights from the session by yourself.

Further coaching is available in a package of 4 sessions for a price of €345. During these sessions we will further assist you with mastering every aspect of your inner world.

We can only do coaching and our free coaching session for a limited amount of people. Our coaching is only for those who are highly motivated to start making big changes.

Before we do the free coaching call, we want to know who you are and why you want to receive coaching. So we do require you to fill out an application form.

If you fill out the application form below, we’ll contact you to schedule a time for our talk.  

Talk soon!

Thomas & Julian

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