In the Mastermind Immersion Program you’ll spend an entire month with a group of like-minded entrepreneurs. This program will help you to accelerate your personal growth and grow your business at the same time.

The next immersion takes place in Budapest from November 1st to November 30th 2016


At first the program was only geared at men (as you can see in the video). But after a lot of messages from women, we decided to make it a mixed program. We believe that having both men and women in the group will make the immersion even more valuable. 


Grow your online business

We’ll work together and hold each other accountable for the business goals we set. Learn from others and get your business to the next level.

Upgrade your peer group

Having like minded positive people around you is important for success. Be around them 24/7, make friends for life and grow faster.

Develop your social skills

Work on your social skills and expand your business network. We’ll visit awesome clubs, connect with people and attend networking events.

Live in an amazing city

Budapest is the place to be when you’re a digital nomad. The city has everything you want: a great atmosphere, beautiful buildings and awesome parties.

Expand your consciousness

Connect to your inner core by practicing meditation techniques and exploring spiritual concepts. A focused mind and a loving heart are the foundation for all success in life.


Work on your personal growth

Everything we do this month will help you grow. We’ll discuss personal development concepts, have mastermind meetings, workout and connect with each other.


November 1st to November 30th 2016 for €1495 in Budapest (EARLY BIRD PRICE)

We are offering a temporary Early Bird Price for people who fill in the application before October 1st. This means that if you’re selected to join the program, you can participate in the program for this price. After October 1st the price will go up to €1695. 

The price includes accommodation and daily meals. So also take into account that you can retract your normal costs of living from the price of the program.

If you’re selected to participate, you’ll pay half of the price as a deposit to reserve your spot and the remaining half when the program starts.


Together with Thomas and Julian I started my first mastermind group; 10 men with one mutual goal. To improve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually in order to make our dreams come true.

I could have never imagined that within just one and a half year of monthly meetings, most items on my list that I thought were impossible, had become part of my life. The 10 men turned into brothers. My dreams had come true.

Daan Gorter

Awaken and Connect

The first Mastermind group that I joined, Julian and Thomas were also a part of. Julian actually introduced me to it. Bringing people together that have an urge to develop, and become more conscious of any aspect in life, has been of incredible value to me. I’m glad to have crossed paths with them on their journey of developing Amstermind to what it is now. I would definitely recommend teaming up with these two, to explore opportunities in business, relationships, health, and basically life in general.

Ruben Ruesen

DP Headwear

Julian & Thomas walk their talk. I’ve known them for some time now and have seen them doing all the routines they talk about: meditating, eating healthy, working hard on their online businesses and also going out to socialize.

Thanks to them, I know about mastermind groups and that has changed my life in so many ways. Really!

Martin Georgiev


I can recommend everybody to start a Mastermind Group since it’s a very effective way to grow. I’ve been in a Mastermind Group with Julian and Thomas and it gave me a lot of value.

During this time I learned a lot about myself, meeting women, having a winner mindset and how to become someone with a positive vibe. Julian and Thomas are inspiring coaches and they know how to make a Mastermind Group successful.

Michel Wielink

Essenz Mindfulness


What’s included in the price?

Next to participation in the program, the accommodation, internet access, lunch and dinner are also included in the price.

What is the accommodation?

You will live together with the whole group in an apartment in Budapest. The bedrooms will be shared per 2 persons.

How does payment work?

If you are selected to participate in the program you will be asked to do a deposit of half the price of the program. You will pay the remaining half at the start of the program.

What kind of food will be served?

The food will primarily be healthy paleo style food. If you have different dietary requirements, you can let us know so we can take this into account if you’re selected to participate in the program.

Will I have enough time to work on my business?

Yes, next to the other activities we will all work at least 9 hours every weekday during the whole program.

Do you have a refund policy?

The deposit is non­refundable. If you are unable to attend the program after paying the full amount, we will refund you less the deposit amount.


Because there are only 6 spots available in this program, we have to be selective about who we allow to participate.  If you are motivated to join us, you can apply below.

After submitting the application, you’ll get a free consultation via Skype. In this consultation we’ll discuss your application and see if the program is a good fit for you.


Your full name

Your email

Your age

Why do you want to join the program?

What value can you provide to the group?

Describe your online business in a couple of sentences

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